Based in Berlin, I have been working as editor with a focus on asset management, business news and financial regulation as well as advisor on discussion and communication formats. In addition, a main area of my activities covered the planning, organisation and management of conferences, workshops, seminars and further event formats. For a publishing house I was responsible for the launch of various event series. Furthermore, I initiated and was for ten years director of the Financial Risk and Stability Network, a non-profit organisation focusing on bank regulation and financial sector reforms in the EU from a scientific but policy-directed perspective.

My activities included the moderation of own conferences and workshops as well as the moderation of expert fora, seminars and panel discussions for clients and institutions. Moreover, I had been working for a Brussels based organisation as a senior research and advocacy advisor. Before, I was inter alia chief editor of an institutional investors’ magazine and worked for various German media – print, online, television – and companies – banks, asset managers, associations, agencies – as author, editor and event organiser for 20 years.

My main interests are in the societal, environmental and economic transformation of societies, and how to advance on appropriate and fair policies for a better future. My hobby of painting meanwhile takes a more prominent part of my life and I focus on this, exploring the use of colours, forms, shapes and structures.