Launch of my personal website

I launched my personal website on 10 July 2020 to make my skills’ portfolio public and attract potentially interested persons, institutions and companies. The information contains mostly professional experiences and offerings, and basically presents an extended business card.

This website is about my professional activities, practice and experience. Here you find out as well my features and what I’m offering. Based in Berlin, I’m at present part-time director of the non-profit organisation Financial Risk and Stability Network. Besides, I’m working as freelance editor with focus on financial regulation. Previously, I’ve been inter alia chief editor for a magazine and worked for various media as journalist, editor and event manager as well as for some financial institutions.

My expertise covers economics and political sciences, banking and finance, investment and asset management, financial stability, EU policies and institutional frameworks, financial regulation and regulatory policies. My main interests are in the societal, environmental and economic transformation of societies, and how to advance on appropriate and fair policies for a better future.

On my blog page I’m posting updates about my professional activities and engagements. In the future you may also find notes and personal views as well as teasers and links to interesting publications, thoughtful comments and inspiring initiatives.


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